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What Is The Definition Of Salto In Gymnastics?

1. A salto refers to a skill (such as a flip or somersault) in which the gymnast’s body rotates at the the axis of the waist and their feet come up and over their head. Saltos are incorporated into most gymnastics events and can vary widely in the degree of difficulty.

Why Was The Thomas Salto Banned?

There are a number of salto moves that have been named for the gymnasts who first developed them or brought them to fame. The Thomas salto, which featured a one and a half backflips with one and a half twists, performed in a piked or tucked position, was named for American gymnast Kurt Thomas. The move ended in a forward roll, which increased the risk for neck injuries.

Soviet gymnast Elena Mukhina was paralyzed while performing the move in preparation for the 1980 Olympics, and the Thomas salto was eventually banned from competition altogether.

Example Of How Salto Is Used In Commentary

1. Nikita Nagornyy is known for his impressively powerful saltos, including a history-making triple back salto in the piked position executed during his floor exercise routine.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

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