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What Is The Definition Of Shank?

What Is A Shank In Golf?

1. This is a word to describe when a golfer hits the ball with the hosel or another part of the club that is not the club face, sending the ball erratically into flight. Because the ball is not hit with the club face, the ball will most likely be sliced or hooked, never landing where it was intended. Many times the ball will also only travel a short distance, depending on what part of the club hit the ball.

What Is A Shank In Volleyball?

1. 1. A shank is when an offensive player makes contact with the ball and unintentionally passes it in a wild manner, making it unplayable for their teammates. A shank usually occurs when receiving the serve.

Examples Of How Shank Is Used In Commentary


1. Johnson was too handsy with that swing and shanked that shot, slicing it to the right and way off course.


1. The libero receives the serve, but shanks it and sends the ball flying out of bounds.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Golf
2. Volleyball

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