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Shield Punt

shield punt

What Is The Definition Of Shield Punt In Football?

1. This is a punt formation in football that has seven blockers lined up along the line of scrimmage, with three more blockers lined up seven yards behind them. All 10 blockers are in front of the punter in order to help better protect against the block. However, the shield block is more often utilized to help with the team’s punt coverage. The seven players in front are responsible for getting downfield and tackling the returner.

The seven blockers in the front are spread about a yard apart in a two-point stance. Two of the three blockers in back stand shoulder-to-shoulder directly behind, while the third blocker stands to the opposite side of the center in order to allow the ball to reach the punter.

Examples Of How Shield Punt Is Used In Commentary

1. The Giants have been going more with the shield punt formation of late, to help better protect their punter from blocks.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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