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What Is The Definition Of A Shot Clock In Basketball?

1. This refers to the timer that is used in basketball to help increase the pace of the game. In NBA, WNBA and FIBA basketball games, a team has 24 seconds to a attempt a shot. Men’s college basketball games have 35 seconds to attempt a shot, while women’s college basketball games have 30 seconds. The offensive team must attempt a shot and at least hit the rim before the shot clock expires otherwise the offense is then called for a shot clock violation.

Examples Of How Shot Clock Is Used In Commentary

1. The bounce pass gets knocked out of bounds and the offense will regain possession of the ball with only five seconds left on the shot clock.

2. After the foul, the team will take the ball out of bounds and will have a fresh 24-second shot clock to work with.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

Also Know As:

1. 24-second clock (NBA, WNBA, FIBA)

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