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Shovel Pass

shov*el pass

What Is The Definition Of Shovel Pass In Football?

1. This is a short pass in football where the quarterback passes the ball to a receiver, usually a running back, who’s directly in front of him. It’s similar to a draw play where the quarterback snaps the ball, waits for the offensive line to create a small gap in the middle of the line and then pitches the ball to the running back who’s standing in front of him. The pass is sometimes just a simple flip, rather than an overhead throw since the throwing distance is relatively short.

A shovel pass play is good for short yardage situations, such as along the goal line.

Examples Of How Shovel Pass Is Used In Commentary

1. On third-and-goal, Rodgers snaps the ball and pitches the perfect shovel pass to the back for an easy touchdown.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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