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Side Pushers

side push*ers

What Is The Definition Of Side Pushers In Bobsled?

1. A side pusher is the member of a bobsled crew that helps to push the bobsled at the beginning of the race in order to help it gain speed. Side pushers are only part of a four-man bobsled team, with there being only two side pushers on the team.

The side pushers must push the sled at the beginning of the race, run at the same pace down an icy slope, then quickly jump inside the bobsled. When safely inside, they must then remain low in an aerodynamic position for the rest of the race. The side pusher must do all of this while keeping perfect time with the driver.

Examples Of Side Pushers

1. The side pushers are really going to have to get a great start and a lot of thrust at the beginning of this race if they have any hopes of trying to medal.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Bobsled

Also Known As:

1. Pushers
2. Push athletes

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