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Slopestyle Skiing

slope*style ski*ing

What Is The Definition Of Slopestyle?

1. Slopestyle skiing is a type of freestyle skiing in which the person skis or snowboards down a course that has different types of obstacles along the way. The main types of obstacles on the slope are jumps and rails, while the tricks performed by the athlete fall into four main categories: spins, grabs, grinds and flips. In slopestyle competition, the focus is on the technical aspects over speed.

As of 2014, slopestyle skiing is an official Winter Olympics sports.

Examples Of How Slopestyle Is Used In Commentary

1. Although the speed of a super-g event is exciting, Jones prefers to compete in the slopestyle competition as it presents different challenges and a variety of obstacles.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Skiing
2. Snowboard

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