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Snap Count

snap count

What Is The Definition Of Snap Count In Football?

1. The snap count refers to how many times the quarterback says a certain word, usually “hut”, before the ball is snapped by the center to the quarterback to begin the offensive play. The snap count is usually determined in the huddle before the players return to the line of scrimmage, and will change from play-to-play in order to keep the defense guessing.

If a quarterback tells his teammates in the huddle, “on two” before they break, that means the snap count is two. If the snap count is two, then the quarterback will say “hut, hut” and the ball is then snapped.

Examples Of How Snap Count Is Used In Commentary

1. The defensive tackle tries to guess the snap count, but guess wrong and jumps offside.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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