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Spear Tackle

spear tac*kle

What Is The Definition Of Spear Tackle In Rugby?

1. A spear tackle is a tackle performed in which the player being tackled is lifted off of the ground, tipped upside down, and then forced or dropped to the ground so that the player hits their head, neck, or back. 

Is The Spear Tackle Illegal In Rugby?

The spear tackle was made illegal to try and reduce head and neck injuries in the sport. The tackle becomes illegal when the player being tackled has their legs lifted above horizontal. 

What Is The Penalty For Performing A Spear Tackle?

The penalty for a spear tackle depends on the league that rugby is being played in. It can be as minor as the other team gaining possession of the ball or be more significant, like a red card.

How Is A Spear Tackle Different From A Dump Tackle?

The spear tackle is different from a dump tackle in that the spear tackle involves the player breaking this horizontal position so that when they contact the ground, their head, neck, or upper back hits first. Essentially, the player lands on the ground inverted.

In a dump tackle, the player’s body never goes past horizontal and the player tackling them falls with them. The player is not dropped but rather driven downward.

Example Of How Spear Tackle Is Used In Commentary

1. Australia’s Jackson-Hope received a red card for his spear tackle on New Zealand’s Barrett during the second minute of the match.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rugby

Also Seen As:

1. Tip tackle
2. Tipping

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