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Spread Offense

spread of*fense

What Is The Definition Of Spread Offense In Football?

1. This is an offensive scheme used in football that uses three or more wide receivers with the intention of stretching out the defense along the line of scrimmage. In addition to stretching out the defense along the line, the receivers also run different routes to different parts of the field (long and short) in order to spread out the defenders in pass coverage.

The intention of this type of offense is to not only spread out the defense, but also to create mismatches, such as having linebackers covering wide receivers. With the linebackers spread out covering the receivers, this sometimes can lead to holes opening up more in the middle of the line for running backs to go through. Because of this, the spread offense can be used as a running offense too and not just for passing.

Examples Of How Spread Offense Is Used In Commentary

To play to their strength and utilize their depth at receiver, the Eagles are going with the spread offense in the second half in order to get back into this ball game.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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