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What Is The Definition Of Springboard In Gymnastics?

1. A springboard is a platform used to assist gymnasts in mounting an apparatus. It features a slightly curved surface with multiple springs underneath to help propel the gymnast up and forward when they jump on it.

Which Gymnastics Events Use A Springboard?

The springboard is an integral part of the vault event. The gymnast sprints down a runway before launching off of a springboard onto the vault table. It’s essential that they get enough of a boost from the springboard to complete the skills in their routine. Vaulters generally try to spring off the end of the board closest to the vaulting table to get as much lift as possible.

Springboards are commonly used to help gymnasts reach the apparatus at the beginning of other gymnastics events, including the uneven bars and balance beam. Jumping off the springboard, in these cases, signals that they have started their routine.

What Is The Springboard Called In The Vault Event?

In the vault event, the springboard is often referred to as a beat board or a Reuther board.

The name Reuther comes from a German sports equipment manufacturer named Richard Reuther who, with his partner and fellow gymnastics enthusiast Rudolf Spieth, developed the board in 1953. The original design was simply made from curved plywood and featured no actual springs.

Although the design has been updated over the years, the name Reuther board is still sometimes used. Overall, the term beat board is more common among modern gymnasts.

What Are The Dimensions Of Gymnastics Springboards?

Generally, gymnastics springboards measure about 2 feet wide x 4 feet long x 8 inches tall (120 x 60 x 21 cm).

Example Of How Springboard Is Used In Commentary

1. Watch how powerfully Denis Ablyazin launches himself from the springboard to get enough height and momentum going into his vault.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

Also Known As:

1. Beat board

2. Reuther board

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