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What Is The Definition Of Strike In Bowling?

1. A strike occurs in bowling when the bowler knocks down all 10 of the pins in the first roll. On the score sheet, a strike is indicated by a simple X marking.

When it comes to scoring, the first strike is worth 10 points. If a bowler hits a strike immediately after, then next frame would essentially be counted twice for scoring purposes as a bonus.

Here is an example of how a single strike and the frame after would be scored:

Frames Rolled:


Here’s an example for if a bowler continues to roll a strike thereafter, therefore showing how the bonus points are applied.

Frames Rolled:


How Many Strikes Are In A Perfect Game In Bowling?

In order to receive a perfect game in bowling, the bowler must roll 12 consecutive strikes in a row.

Example Of How Strike Is Used In Commentary

1. Holman continues to stay locked in, throwing his second turkey of this match.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Bowling

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