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What Is The Definition Of Stuff?

What Is A Stuff In Volleyball?

1. This is another way to describe a block, or attack block. This occurs when a defensive blocker meets the attacker at the net, and deflects the ball to the floor on the attacking team’s side of the court.

What Is A Stuff In Basketball?

1. This is another term used to describe a dunk in basketball.

2. This can also be used to describe a block in basketball.

Examples Of How Stuff Is Used In Commentary


1. The two opposing players jump up to the net, but it’s the defensive player who stuffs the ball back onto her opponent’s side of the court to avoid the spike.


1. The guard steals the ball and stuffs the ball into the hoop for a quick fast break score.

2. The center stuffs the weak dunk attempt by Howard and knocks the ball out of bounds.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Volleyball
2. Basketball

Also Known As:

1. Block (Volleyball)
2. Dunk (Basketball)

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