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Stutter Step

stut*ter step

What Is The Definition Of Stutter Step In Basketball?

1. The stutter step is an offensive move in basketball in which the player takes small and quick steps on alternating feet as they change pace and direction of movement.

The goal is to confuse the defender approaching them on which way they are actually going to go and to get the defender to react first, clearing the path for them to take the ball in the other direction.

How Do You Perform A Stutter Step?

A stutter step involves quickly stepping down harder than one usually would. When you step with one foot with extra force, this will momentarily pause your upper body.

Next, quickly switch to plant the other foot while slightly moving your body toward the opposite direction. Continue to make quick, powerful and choppy steps on alternating feet.

What Are The Advantages To A Stutter Step?

The following are some advantages to a stutter step:

Why Does A Defender Freeze On A Stutter Step?

A defender doesn’t want to make the wrong guess on which direction you are actually going to go. As a result, they freeze, waiting for the offender to move. Once that happens, reacting to the offender’s movement will take more time. Therefore, the initial pause caused by the stutter step gives the offense an advantage.

Example Of How Stutter Step Is Used In Commentary

1. Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns has stutter steps that make him unguardable.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

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