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Sucker Punch

suck*er punch

What Is The Definition Of Sucker Punch In Boxing & MMA?

1. This is a type of punch that catches the opponent off-guard, usually when they are not prepared to defend themselves or are unaware the punch is being thrown. A sucker punch is usually thrown while in close-range or from behind an opponent. This type of punch is considered unethical and dirty.

Are Sucker Punches Illegal In Boxing & MMA? 

Yes. Sucker punches that occur outside the normal progression of a fight are illegal in both boxing and MMA.

During a fight, certain hits considered to be sucker punches may technically be legal. For example, many people debated whether Floyd Mayweather sucker punched Victor Ortiz in a September 2011 match (see video below).

Some sucker punches in these sports have led to serious punishments. In MMA, British welterweight fighter Paul Daley was banned from the UFC when he sucker punched American Josh Koscheck after the conclusion of a match in May 2010. When boxer James Butler sucker punched Richard Grant after losing a match in 2001, he was convicted of assault and sentenced to serve four months at Rikers Island.

What Is A King Hit?

A king hit is the same as a sucker punch. It refers to an unprovoked and unexpected punch.

However, the term isn’t generally applied in boxing or MMA. “King hit” is mostly used in Australia and New Zealand in reference to street fights rather than official sports.

Examples Of How Sucker Punch Is Used In Commentary

1. Before the bell is rung, Smith delivers a dirty sucker punch to his opponent’s chin. The referee issues a warning to Smith for the punch.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Boxing

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