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What Is The Definition Of Tag Up In Baseball?

1. In baseball, to tag up is when a baserunner remains touching or retouches the current base they’re at until after a fly ball has been caught for an out by a defensive player before advancing to the next base. If the baserunner leaves before the ball is caught by a defensive player, the defensive player can throw the ball to a teammate at the base the runner was leaving and get the force out by touching that base.

A player can also tag up if they’re unsure if the ball is going to be caught by a defensive player and can advance after the ball is caught or touched by a defensive player, or if the ball falls in fair territory.

Baserunners usually only tag up and advance on baseballs hit deep into the outfield, as their chances of getting thrown out on short fly outs are very good.

Examples Of How Tag Up Is Used In Commentary

1. The runner tags up and scores easily on the deep fly out to center field. The batter is credited with the sacrifice fly.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

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