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What Is The Definition Of Touch Judge In Rugby?

1. A touch judge is an official who watches the sidelines, or touchlines, in rugby. A touch judge notifies the referee when the ball has gone out of bounds by raising a flag. Another responsibility of the touch judge is to watch the posts to confirm whether a conversion or penalty kick has been scored.

How Many Touch Judges Are There In A Game?

In a rugby game, there are two touch judges — one on each touchline. They serve a supporting role to the referee on the field.

Where Does A Touch Judge Stand In Relation To Game Play?

It is important that the touch judge runs along the touch line with game play as it moves up and down the field. Ideally, the touch judge should stay slightly ahead of game play and let the game come to them.

What Are The Other Duties Of A Touch Judge?

Besides watching for out-of-bounds balls and successful goal attempts, the touch judge is also responsible for the following:

Example Of How Touch Judge Is Used In Commentary

1. In a game-deciding penalty kick, Stourport was not awarded any points as the touch judge did not indicate a successful attempt.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rugby

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