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What Is The Definition Of Touche In Fencing?

1. This term indicates that a valid touch has been made.

The referee will say “touche” in order to count hits in a bout. Each of these counted hits corresponds with a point for the fencer who made the touch.

Where Did The Term “Touche” Come From?

The term comes from the French word for “touch.” In fencing, each touch corresponds with a point. 

Many other terms in fencing also originate from French, such as en garde, which means “on guard,” and riposte, meaning “response.”

What Is The Difference Between Touche And Touché?

The term touche is used by referees to call out a “touch” when someone it hit.

The term touché, on the other hand, means “touched” (the past participle of “touch”). Fencers who have been hit may call out “touché” in order to acknowledge that they’ve been touched.

What Does Touche Mean In Slang?

Similar to its use in fencing, touche is used as English slang to describe a point well-made. However, instead of a literal physical touch, a person who says touche is conceding to the other’s point or argument.

Examples Of How Touche Is Used In Commentary

1. Although the spectators couldn’t see the hit made by Valentina Vezzali, the ref indicated that there was after yelling touche.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Fencing

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