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Triple Scull

tri*ple scull

What Is The Definition Of Triple Scull In Rowing?

1. A triple scull is a type of sculling boat in which there are three rowers total in the boat. Typically, these boats do not have a coxswain.

Are Triple Sculls Commonly Raced?

Triple sculls are not commonly raced in rowing events. Head of the Lake in Seattle, Washington was one of the only official rowing events in the country that offered a triple scull race. However, the last time a triple scull was raced at that event was in 2016. 

It is not common to see triple sculls for sale, either. It is more common to see three people in a quad scull due to the fact that they don’t have enough people to fill the boat with four people, rather than three people in a true triple scull.

What Sculling Boats Are Most Commonly Used For Racing?

The typical sculling boats seen raced at a rowing event are the single scull, double scull, and quad scull. NCAA races typically involve only sweeping boats, so the triple scull is not used in collegiate racing, either.

Example Of How Triple Scull Is Used In Commentary

1. At the 2016 Head of the Lake, there was only one boat entered into the triple scull race. That boat was from Lake Washington Rowing.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rowing

Abbreviated As:

1. 3x

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