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Two-Man Bobsled

two man bob*sled

What Is The Definition Of Two-Man Bobsled?

1. A two-man bobsled is a vessel (bobsled) that holds no more than two athletes at one time during a single run down the course.

A two-Man bobsled measures 2.7 meters (about 8 feet) in length and weighs 384pounds (170 kilograms) when empty. The maximum weight of this sled is 860 pounds (390 kilograms) with crew and equipment, with the crew consisting of only the pilot (or driver) and a brakeman.

The two-man bobleigh event was added to the Winter Olympics Games in 1932. The women’s two-woman bobsleigh event made its Olympic debut at the 2002 Winter Olympics Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The main difference between a two-man bobsled and the four-man bobsled, is that the two-man bobsled crew does not have the two side pushers. In addition, a two-man bobsled tends to be slower than the four-man.

Examples Of Two-Man Bobsled

1. Jones is used to being on a four-man team, but now that he’s the pilot of the two-man bobsled, he’ll have to push as hard as he can in order to get off to a fast start.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Bobsled

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