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What Is The Definition Of Umpire In Baseball?

1. The umpire in baseball is the person who is in charge of officiating the game and enforcing the rules. They are also responsible for calling the balls, strikes, outs and any other rules of the game.

With games that have more than one umpire officiating the game, such as in Major League Baseball games, the group of umpires is then called the umpire crew. The person in-charge of the umpire crew during a game is referred to as the umpire in chief, or the homeplate umpire. The homeplate umpire stands behind the catcher and calls the majority of the balls and strikes, but sometimes asks for a second opinion from the first base umpire or third place umpire on particular pitches to determine if a batter had swung at a pitch or not because they have a better angle of the batter’s swing.

Examples Of How Umpire Is Used In Commentary

1. With the rain not looking to slow down anytime soon, homeplate umpire and crew chief John Doe cancels the game.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

Also Known As:

1. Ump
2. Blue
3. Men In Blue

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