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Utility Player

u*til*i*ty play*er

What Is The Definition Of Utility Player In Baseball?

1. This refers to a player on the team that can play multiple defensive positions on the baseball field. This player tends to be a bench or reserve player, although there are starters that are utilized as utility players as well.

Teams may also employ utility outfielders and utility infielders to be on their roster, which means a player can either play all the outfield positions or infield positions well.

For players who are looking to make a roster, they may practice and become familiar with all the fielding positions in order to increase their chances of making a team. By becoming a good defensive player at multiple positions, a player can increase their chances of making the squad by becoming a valuable utility bench player.

Examples Of How Utility Player Is Used In Commentary

1. The manager puts Turner in at third base as a defensive replacement for the last two innings of the game. Turner is a valuable utility player for the manager, as he can play all the positions in the infield except catcher.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

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