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What Is The Definition Of Velodrome In Cycling?

1. A velodrome is a banked, oval-shaped arena used for track cycling. Velodrome tracks are 250 meters around and have 45-degree embankments. Riders in a velodrome use special track bikes with no brakes or gears. 

Many different bicycle races take place in a velodrome. These include team sprint, match sprint, keirin, omnium, team pursuit, and Madison in the Summer Olympics. 

How Fast Do Bikes Go In A Velodrome?

Cyclists can reach and sustain speeds of up to 50 mph in a velodrome. Thanks to the banked ends of a velodrome, riders can maintain high speeds around corners since their wheels stay perpendicular to the track. 

What Is The Point Of Track Cycling?

Track cycling is a type of bicycle race that takes place in a velodrome. Riders race for the fastest time or points in track cycling competitions. Many professional cyclists compete in both road races and track cycling.

Why Do Track Cyclists Stand?

Spectators may wonder why riders in a velodrome will often stand. Since track cycling is all about speed, standing allows riders to produce more power by shifting their center of gravity forward. 

Why Is A Velodrome Called A Velodrome?

Like many cycling terms, velodrome comes from French to mean “building for bicycles.” It combines an abbreviation of velocipede, the predecessor of the modern bicycle, with the suffix -drome.

Example Of How Velodrome Is Used In Commentary

1. German cyclist Victor Campenaerts set a world record for cycling 55,089 km in one hour at the Aguascalientes Bicentenary Velodrome in 2019.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Cycling

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