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Warning Track

warn*ing track

What Is The Definition Of Warning Track In Baseball?

1. The warning track is an area that runs parallel to the walls on a baseball and softball field. This area that is closest to the wall is usually made out of dirt or another hard surface and typically looks like a track. The warning track is not made out of the same turf or grass that is on the main field since the warning track serves as a “warning” to the fielders when they get close to the wall.

When a fielder is running to make a catch on a ball hit in the air, they’re typically looking up into the sky and not at the ground. When they reach the warning track and touch the hard surface, they know that they’re within feet of the wall.

The length of a warning track varies from park-to-park due to the different dimensions of parks, but they’re typically 15 feet in width.

Example Of How Warning Track Is Used In Commentary

1. Victorino runs feel speed into deep centerfield, reaching the warning track and making the tough catch before plowing into the wall.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

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