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Weakside Linebacker

weak*side line*back*er

What Is The Definition Of Weakside Linebacker In Football?

1. This is an outside linebacker positioned on the weak side of the football field, or the side of the offensive formation that has fewer players. Speed and agility are necessary for this position since it often requires dropping into coverage or running laterally across the field. Because the weakside linebacker is most likely used in these manners, they tend to be the fastest player of the linebacker group.

This position is sometimes called the right outside linebacker or the “Will.”

Examples Of How Weakside Linebacker Is Used In Commentary

1. Due to his size and speed, Sean Lee has become one of the best weakside linebackers in the NFL. He’s not only able to tackle the largest running backs, but also keep up in coverage with the best tight ends.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Known As:

1. Will
2. Right Outside Linebacker
3. Backside Linebacker

Also Seen As:

1. Weak-Side
2. Weak Side

Abbreviated As:

1. WLB

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