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Wheel Route

wheel route

What Is The Definition Of A Wheel Route In Football?

1. This is a type of passing play in football, designed for a running back or wide receiver.

To complete this pattern for a running back, the running back takes off towards the sideline before cutting upfield. The running back looks back to the quarterback while running toward the sideline as if to receive a pass, which helps to deceive the defender. When the running back begins sprinting upfield suddenly, the defender is caught on his heels and the running back is able to get into an open area for a pass.

When a wheel route is run by a receiver, they begin the play running an immediate out route, then will turn and run upfield along the sideline.

Why Is It Called A Wheel Route?

Although the true reasons why it’s called a wheel route is unknown, many speculate that it is called this because when the running back turns and runs upfield, they are turning or “rounding” the corner similar to the shape of a wheel.

Examples Of How Wheel Route Is Used In Commentary

1. Gurley runs out towards the flats, but turns it upfield on a wheel route, burning by the linebacker.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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