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Whip Kick

whip kick

What Is The Definition Of Whip Kick In Swimming?

1. This is a term used to describe the kick motion that is generated during the breaststroke in swimming. At the beginning of the movement, the legs are outstretched, with the toes pointed out and knees together.

Then, during the “load”, the swimmer will bring the heels of the feet towards their backside, but the toes are still pointed out, but then pointed out towards the side in one motion. It is important for the swimmer to not bring their knees up to their stomach during this.

Lastly, the swimmer will then “whip” there feet around in a circular motion, generating force to propel the swimmer forward. With the “whip action”, this is how the kick gets the name “whip kick”.

Due to kick resembling much of how a frog swims is also why this kick is referred to as the frog kick.

Example Of How Whip Kick Is Used In Commentary

1. Peirsol is really generating a lot of force with his whip kicks and is pulling away from the competition.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Swimming

Also Known As:

1. Frog Kick

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