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What Is The Definition Of The World Series In Baseball?

1. The World Series of baseball is the ultimate championship series to determine the best team in Major League Baseball. The winner of the best-of-seven series between the American League (AL) champion and National League (NL) champion receives the Commissioner’s Trophy.

How Does The World Series Work?

The winners of the American League Championship Series (ALCS) and the National League Championship Series (NLCS) face off in a best-of seven series called the World Series. The fifth, sixth, and seventh games occur only when necessary so that one team achieves four wins.

Where And When Is The World Series Held?

The World Series is traditionally held over the last week of October. Differing from the league playoffs, home field advantage is no longer determined by seed and instead by better record. This means that any wild card team may host first in the World Series if they earn the better record. 

The order and place of the games remains similar to that of the ALCS and NLCS, where the first team hosts two games, the second team hosts three, and the series returns to the original site of the first team for the final two games as necessary.

Similar to the ALCS and NLCS, off days take place upon a venue change. The two off days for the World Series occur between the second and third game and, if needed, the fifth and sixth.

Are Designated Hitters (DHs) Used In The World Series?

Similar to any other inter-league game, both teams may use a designated hitter (DH) when the AL team hosts the game. For all games hosted by the NL team, DHs may not be used.

Which Team Has Won The Most World Series?

The New York Yankees are far and away the leaders for most World Series Championships. As of 2021, the Yankees won twenty-seven World Series Championships, holding a margin of sixteen championships over the next place team.

When Was The First World Series?

The first official World Series occurred in 1905. Several preliminary versions of a championship happened over the several years before, but the first official playoff between the winner of the National League and the American League first happened in 1903 between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Americans. Due to tensions between the leagues, the 1904 World Series did not happen. Finally, in 1905, the leagues came to an agreement and established the World Series.

The World Series has been played every year aside from 1994. In 1994, a player strike opposing a pay cap forced the cancellation of the MLB playoffs and World Series. Team owners almost utilized replacement players to start the 1995 season, but the owners and players came to an agreement shortly thereafter.

Why Is It Called The World Series?

In one of the aforementioned preliminary versions of the World Series, a newspaper referred to the winner as the “World Champion.” Due to the United States’ positioning as a world leader in most sectors, the name stuck despite the competition residing exclusively in the United States, and later Canada.

Example Of How World Series Is Used In Commentary

1. The Los Angeles Dodgers take Game 5 of the 2020 World Series. In two days, they will have the opportunity to be crowned the best team in baseball.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

Abbreviated As: 

1. WS

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