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Yellow Card

yel*low card

What Is The Definition Of Yellow Card In Soccer?

1. A yellow card is the second-most serious penalty a player can receive in soccer (after a red card). It is given for on-field offenses such as unsporting behavior, delaying the restart of play, entering the field of play without the referee’s permission or showing dissent by word or action.

When this penalty is given, the referee holds the yellow card in the air and records the player’s name in their notebook. It acts as a serious symbol of caution from the referee. As with red cards (which are given for more serious offenses), a yellow card indicates behavior that will not be tolerated on the field. If a player receives two yellow cards in one game, a red card is given. This forces the player to leave the field, and since they cannot be replaced, their team must finish the match down a player.

Examples Of How Yellow Card Is Used In Commentary

1. Harvey should be careful not to foul again since he already has one yellow card today.

2. Meyer was ejected from the game after receiving her second yellow card.

Sports The Term is Used

1. Soccer

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