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Zone Defense

zone de*fense

What Is The Definition Of A Zone Defense?

What Is A Zone Defense In Basketball, Soccer & Ice Hockey?

1. This is a type of defense where a defensive player is assigned a specific area on the court, field or ice and is responsible for covering any player that comes into that designated area. The defensive player is supposed to stay in his assigned area at all times.

What Is A Zone Defense In Football?

1. This is a defensive scheme in football where each player is responsible for a certain section of the field, but is primarily used to protect against the pass.

Examples Of How Zone Defense Is Used In Commentary

1. With the big lead, the defense can afford to drop into zone coverage and play less aggressively.


2. With it being third down and 24, the defense drops back into zone coverage to prevent against the big pass play.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Basketball
2. Football
3. Soccer
4. Ice Hockey

Also Known As:

1. Zone
2. Zone Coverage

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