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What Is The Definition Of An Assist?

What Is An Assist In Basketball?

1. A player is given an assist after they pass the ball to a teammate who then makes a field goal immediately after receiving the pass. A passer can even be credited with the assist after the teammate who receives the pass dribbles the ball and then makes the field goal. However, only one assist can be given per field goal made, which is the last pass given to the teammate before the field goal.

What Is An Assist Hockey?

1. This is when a player deflects, shoots or passes the puck to another teammate who then scores a goal. A player can also be given an assist if they touched the puck in any way that helped a teammate score a goal. There can be up to two assists given out per goal with each assist counting as one point.

What Is An Assist In Soccer?

1. A player is credited with an assist when they pass the ball to a teammate that leads to a goal. A player can also be credited with an assist after their shot is blocked by a defender, goalie or goalpost and then another player scores a goal off that rebound. A maximum of two assists can be given per goal.

Examples Of How Assist Is Used In Commentary

1. The point guard earns the assist after he dishes a nice bounce pass to the center under the basket, who then dunks the ball for an easy two points.

2. The defenseman passes the puck up the ice to the center who then touch-passes it to the right wing. The wing slaps the shot in for a goal, while the defenseman and center are credited with the assists.

3. The forward earns the assist after his teammate knocks in the goalie’s deflection for the second goal of the game at the 23rd minute.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With Assist

Depending on the sport, an assist can mean something different. For example, in basketball, only one player is able to be credited with an assist, whereas in soccer and hockey, two players can be credited on one goal. In addition, in hockey and soccer, it is much easier to determine who is credited with an assist, as it is usually credited to the players who last touched the puck en route to a goal.

However, in basketball, it is slightly different. It is usually up to the scorekeeper, as it is up to them to determine if the pass contributed directly to the basket being made. Most times, although a player may pass to their teammate who then scores a basket, the teammate who passed the ball will not be given credit for an assist because the scoring player dribbled the ball before making the field goal.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Basketball
2. Ice Hockey
3. Soccer

Also Known As:

1. Dime (Basketball)
2. Dropping a Dime

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