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Back Shoulder Fade

back shoul*der fade

What Is The Definition Of Back Shoulder Fade?

1. The back shoulder fade, also known simply as the back shoulder throw, is a purposely underthrown pass that is the perfect counteraction to a defender who’s determined on taking away the deep pass. The quarterback purposely aims and under-throws the pass so that it lands on the shoulder of the receiver that is short and away from the defender.

Defensive backs are always taught to stay on top of the route and prevent against the deep pass, therefore by underthrowing the pass and putting it away from the defender, it makes it nearly an impossible play to defend against.

Examples Of How Back Shoulder Fade Is Used In Commentary

1. Nelson is running toe-to-toe with the receiver along the sideline, when Rodgers places a perfect back shoulder fade to Nelson’s back shoulder, who catches the under thrown pass and easily runs out of bounds.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of The Back Shoulder Fade

If thrown precisely, the back shoulder fade is nearly impossible to defend. However, this play requires great accuracy by the quarterback, and trust between the quarterback and receiver. The play is best executed when the defense is playing man-press coverage. With the defensive back playing the receiver close, the quarterback and receiver must have great trust and timing, knowing when to throw and when to turn back to catch the ball. It is up to the receiver to sell a go-route and to get the defensive back to think they are running deep, only to abruptly stop dead in their tracks, hoping the quarterback has perfectly placed the ball to the back shoulder of the receiver when they have stopped. If thrown at the correct time, the defensive back doesn’t have enough time to turn and pick up the trajectory of the ball, therefore giving the receiver an advantage during the play.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Known As:

1. Back Shoulder Pass
2. Back Shoulder Throw

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