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Bases Loaded

ba*ses load*ed

What Is The Definition Of Bases Loaded In Baseball?

1. This is a term used in baseball that refers to a rare time during a baseball game when there is an offensive player on first, second, and third base at the same time.

When the bases are loaded, this means that there can be a force out at every base, including home plate. In addition, this gives the offensive team a great opportunity to score at least one run a onĀ single, or as many as four runs on a grand slam. The offensive team can also score one run if the batter at the plate is given a walk.

Examples Of How Bases Loaded Is Used In Commentary

1. With the bases loaded, Lee balks, therefore allowing all the runners to advance one base and letting one run cross the plate.

2. Jeter hits a double into left field with the bases loaded, allowing all three baserunners to score.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Bases Loaded

Although rare, there are times when a batter will be intentionally walked instead of allowing them to carry out an at-bat, therefore allowing one-run to cross home plate. The reason for this is because a particular player may have great success against a particular pitcher, or is an exceptional hitter who has an above average ability of at least hitting a single, which could result in at least two runs scored. Some notable players who have been walked numerous times with the bases loaded in the history of the game are Barry Bonds and Josh Hamilton.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

Also Known As:

1. Bases full (bases are full)
2. Bases juiced (bases are juiced)
3. Bases are loaded
4. Bases packed

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