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Bridge The Gap

bridge the gap

What Is The Definition Of Bridge The Gap In Cycling?

1. Bridge the gap is used to describe catching up to a leading group of riders. In cycling, the term refers to closing the distance between two groups of riders. The riders who are attempting to bridge the gap are the chase group

What Is A Time Gap in Cycling?

The time gap measures how many seconds ahead the lead rider is on the course compared to the next rider or group of riders.

The gap in “bridge the gap” refers to two things:

How Are Cycling Time Gaps Calculated?

A time gap is measured from the last rider in the breakaway to the first rider in the peloton. To measure a time gap in a professional cycling race, officials will use a timing motorbike. They will drive to the end of the breakaway group, then stop and record the time that passes until the peloton catches up. 

Example Of How Bridge The Gap Is Used In Commentary

1. Fred Wright bridged the gap in stage 15 of the 2021 Tour de France to join his Bahrain Victorious teammate Sonny Colbrelli.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Cycling

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