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What Is The Definition Of Bunt In Baseball?

1. A bunt is an offensive tactic where a batter will deliberately tap the ball lightly, without swinging. The batter will hold the bat out in front of them, awaiting the pitch in order to gently place the ball into play.

If a batter holds the bat in front of them as if they are going to bunt, they can retract the bat and not be called for a strike as long as they don’t make an effort at the pitch before the ball crosses the plate. If they make an attempt at the ball with the bat, it is a strike.

One rule to note is that if a batter has two strikes, and bunts a ball into foul territory, they are then ruled out and called a strikeout. This foul ball rule on the third strike only applies to bunting.

Why Would You Want To Bunt A Baseball?

The numerous reasons why a batter would bunt a ball into play. One main reason would be to advance a runner, or runners, who are already on base. If the batter correctly bunts the ball into play and the ball does not travel too far into the infield, this leaves the fielder with only one play at first base for a potential out. If the runner is able to advance, the batter would get charged with a sacrifice bunt.

In addition, fast baserunners will also attempt a bunt for a hit if they believe that they can put the ball into a position on the infield that allows them to beat out a throw to first base.

Example Of How The Term Is Used In Commentary

1. Ichiro notices the third baseman playing back off the grass and places a perfect bunt on the third-base side for an infield hit.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

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