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Double Dribble

dou*ble drib*ble

What Is The Definition Of Double Dribble In Basketball?

1. This is a violation in basketball when a player dribbles the ball again after they have already stopped and picked up their dribble. Another form of double dribble is when the player dribbles the ball with both hands at the same time.

If a player commits a double dribble violation, the ball is awarded to the other team who then must take the ball out of bounds at the location of the infraction.

Examples Of How Double Dribble Is Used In Commentary

1. Johnson stops, gives the defender a ball fake and dribbles again and is quickly called for double dribble.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Double Dribble

There is still some confusion among some players, primarily younger players, on when it is considered double dribbling.

According to universal basketball rules, a player gives up their dribble when:

  1. A player touches the ball simultaneously with both hands
  2. If a player touches the ball more than once before it touches the ground. For example, if the ball exchanges hands in mid-air before falling back to the ground.
  3. The ball comes to a rest in the player’s hand while they are in possession.

If a player commits any of the three scenarios above, then begins dribbling again, then they are in violation of double dribble.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

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