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What Is The Definition Of Elbow In Basketball?

1. This refers to the intersection of the free throw line with the line on the side of the key. There are two elbows on each side of the basketball court.

2. This is also a term used to describe a specific personal foul during a basketball game. When a player swings their elbow aggressive and excessively, they can be called for an elbowing foul, even if contact is not made with an opponent. A player who gains control of the ball will at times swing their elbows around to create more clearance around themselves. If the player makes contact with an opponent above their shoulders, they are usually ejected from the game.

Examples Of How Elbow Is Used In Commentary

1. The player steals the ball and runs the fast break down the court and pulls up at the elbow for an easy field goal.

2. Rodman hauls in the rebound in traffic, but gets charged with a personal foul for elbowing after he tries to clear space in order to outlet the ball.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

Also Known As

1. Elbowing (for personal foul)

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