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Horizontal Bar

hor*i*zon*tal bar

What Is The Definition Of Horizontal Bar In Gymnastics?

1. Horizontal bar is one of the events in men’s gymnastics competitions. The bar is suspended on an apparatus which measures about 9 feet high. Routines are 15 to 30 seconds in length.

Gymnasts begin this event by grabbing onto the bar and swinging their body back and forth to gain momentum. Then, they begin performing certain skills while their body rotates around the bar. Some skills require the gymnast to release the bar briefly before regaining their grip on it. Dismounts typically include multiple twists and somersaults, and competitors are expected to “stick” the landing to secure a high score.

2. The apparatus used in this event is also called the horizontal bar or high bar. It is made of stainless steel and measures about 1.1 inches in diameter and 7.8 feet long.

What Is The Horizontal Bar Used For?

In gymnastics, the horizontal bar is one of the six events that men compete in. It takes great strength as well as grace and precision to execute a high-scoring horizontal bar routine. Competing in this event gives male gymnasts a chance to display their flexibility, physical power, and daring aerial skills.

History of the Horizontal Bar in Gymnastics

Ancient Greek and Roman acrobats often used a horizontal bar in their performances. It has also been associated with similar athletic and entertainment uses in early China and the Middle Ages.

The horizontal bar event was developed by German Friedrich Ludwig Jahn in 1811. He took the concept of the horizontal bar and adapted it for gymnastics, originally by mounting a wooden bar between two trees. Metal bars and vertical supports were later used in modern versions of the apparatus. Horizontal bar became an official Olympic men’s gymnastics event in 1896.

Example Of How Horizontal Bar Is Used In Commentary

1. Robert Neff performed his horizontal bar routine to perfection with the exception of a single step on the mat after his landing.

2. Sam Oldham demonstrated incredible skill as he completed several tight twists during his dismount from the horizontal bar.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

Also Known As

1. High bar

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