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Jump Ball

jump ball

What Is The Definition Of Jump Ball?

1. This is used to start or resume a basketball game. Two players from opposing teams try to gain possession of the ball after an official has tossed the ball into the air between them. The two players who are jumping for the ball must tip the ball to a teammate. They cannot grab the ball out of the air and possess it themselves.

A jump ball can also be called after two opposing players are whistled for a held ball. When two opposing players grab the ball, are in equal possession of it and try to wrestle for possession, the official will call for a jump ball.

How Is A Jump Ball Executed?

At the beginning of the game and the start of each overtime period, one player from each team (usually the center, but it can be any player on the court) stands toe-to-toe at the half court line inside the center circle facing the basket where they will attempt to score. The official stands next to them facing one of the sidelines. After blowing their whistle, the official tosses the ball straight up into the air between the two players, who both jump up and try to direct the ball toward one of their teammates. They can only touch the ball once it is on its way down from its apex.

If the jump ball occurs during the course of the game as a result of two players wrestling for possession, the two players involved must take the jump ball. The official tosses the ball at the nearest circle on the court, which will either be a free throw line or half court.

What Is A Jump Ball Violation?

A jump ball violation occurs when a player does one of the following:

If a jump ball violation occurs, the ball is awarded to the other team. They are permitted to throw it in from the sideline at the spot closest to where the violation took place.

Examples Of How Jump Ball Is Used In Commentary

1. Paul and Williams get nowhere wrestling for the ball and the official calls for a jump ball at the free throw line.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

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