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Jungle Ball

jun*gle ball

What Is The Definition Of Jungle Ball In Volleyball?

1. This a term used to explain a game of volleyball that is played by a group of inexperienced players who do not care too much about the formal rules and regulations of how the game is played. The group of inexperienced volleyball players tend to have very little skill and ball control while playing the game, who’s main purpose of playing is to simple enjoy the sport.

Examples Of How Jungle Ball Is Used In Commentary

1. Don’t expect any high-flying spikes or diving digs out of this game of jungle ball. It’s mainly just a group of normal guys who thought who would be fun to get together to play a little beach volleyball. But I’m pretty sure that we’re at least going to see one six-pack out of this bunch of guys, and by that I don’t mean a six-pack of beer.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Jungle Ball

To play volleyball, a player doesn’t have to be very skilled and knowledgeable as there are non-competitive leagues of different skill levels. For example, a person can find teams to play on with players of similar skill levels at their local schools, recreation centers and gyms.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Volleyball

Also Known As:

1. Picnic Ball
2. Barbeque Ball

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