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What Is The Definition Of Key In Basketball?

1. The key is an area on the basketball court where the majority of the action takes place during a basketball game, which includes the free throw lane and free throw circle. This area is usually painted a different color than the rest of the court, therefore it can also be referred to as “the paint”.

There are two keys on a court and they are located under each backboard. Its boundaries begin on the endline and extends to the top of the free throw circle, with the side boundaries being the lines of the free throw lane.

The Dimensions Of The Key On A Basketball Court

It is referred to as “the key” due to its shape when it was first created. Today, an NBA regulation width key is 16 feet wide, whereas in the past it was only six feet wide. Because the top of the key (free throw circle) is a circular shape with a six foot radius, it gave off the impression of a “key” since it had a very narrow body.

The key’s dimensions for an NBA court are 22 feet tall by 16 feet wide. A college basketball court uses a width of 12 feet.

Examples Of How The Key Is Used In Commentary

1. Paul steals the pass and leads the fast break. He fakes the pass right and pulls up at the top of the key to knock down the open jumper.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

Also Known As

1. The key
2. The paint

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