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Left Fielder

left field*erWhat Is A Left Fielder In Baseball? Definition & Meaning | SportsLingo

What Is The Definition Of Left-Fielder In Baseball?

1. A left-fielder is the outfielder who defends the area in left field.

For recording defensive statistics and scorekeeping, each defensive position on the baseball diamond is represented by a number, and the left fielder is represented by the number seven.

Left fielders may be classified as having the weakest arm on the team, due to having the shortest distance to prevent baserunners advancing. Like all positions on the field, left-fielders have multiple assignments they are responsible for during the game. For example, backing up the third baseman on pick-off and steal attempts, and the center-fielder when catching a pop fly is a key part of the left-fielder’s defensive responsibilities.

Hall of Fame player, Ted Williams, is arguably the best left-fielder in MLB history. Playing his entire career for the Boston Red Sox, Williams was awarded numerous honors, having been named an all-star 19 times and winning the triple crown twice.

Examples Of How Left-Fielder Is Used In Commentary

1. What a play by left-fielder Juan Soto, throwing out the runner at second when he tried to stretch the single into a double.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

Abbreviated As:

1. LF

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