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Major Penalty

ma*jor pen*al*ty

What Is The Definition Of Major Penalty In Ice Hockey?

1. A major penalty is a penalty in ice hockey in which a player, excluding the goalie, commits a severe infraction and must serve five minutes of penalty time. The team must play short-handed during this time. 

A major penalty is more severe than a minor penalty. Depending on the league, if a second major penalty is given during the same match, the player or goalie is issued a game misconduct penalty and a two-game suspension. 

How Does A Player Receive A Major Penalty In Ice Hockey?

Major penalties in ice hockey are given for offenses such as:

Example Of How Major Penalty Is Used In Commentary

1. Zack Stortini of the Oilers had a league high 25 major penalties during the 2008-2009 season.  

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Ice Hockey

Abbreviated As:


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