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Middle Linebacker

mid*dle line*back*er

What Is The Definition Of Middle Linebacker In Football?

1. This defensive position in football is responsible for relaying the defensive plays calls from the sidelines. Middle linebackers is considered the “quarterback of the defensive” and provides dynamic defensive support by stuffing gaps, intercepting passes and providing coverage deep in the middle of the field. The middle linebacker is the most versatile of all the linebackers, and at times can be asked to blitz the quarterback, although the outside linebacker tends to rush the passer more frequently.

Players in this position line up several yards back from the line of scrimmage behind the defensive lineman, and is set-up in the “middle” of the linebacking corps.

Examples Of How Middle Linebacker Is Used In Commentary

1. The middle linebacker Lewis drops back in the cover two defense and intercepts the pass over the middle.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Known As:

1. Mike

Abbreviated As:

1. MLB
2. ILB

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