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No-Huddle Offense

no hud*dle of*fense

What Is The Definition Of No-Huddle Offense?

1. This is an offensive strategy in football where the offensive team will not gather in the huddle to receive the play, rather they will quickly go to the line of scrimmage and line up for the next play. Before going into a no-huddle offense, the team will often know ahead of time what formation to lineup in before getting to the line of scrimmage. It is up then up to the quarterback to call an audible if he feels a better play should be called.

This tactic is mainly used as a hurry-up offense, where the offense usually needs to go downfield in a short amount of time and score.

Examples Of How No-Huddle Offense Is Used In Commentary

1. With the team down six with under two-minutes to play and with only one timeout, the Eagles have opted to go with the no-huddle offense in order to get downfield fast and to score.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of No-Huddle Offense

When executed correctly, the no-offense huddle is very effective, especially when trailing late in the game with minimal time left. Not only does it keep the defense guessing on what scheme and personnel the offense will use, it also does not allow for much time for substitutions. For example, if an offense catches the defense with very few defensive backs, they can keep running deep pass routes with the hopes that the defense will be too tired to cover them due to match-up problems.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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