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Outside Hitter

out*side hit*ter

What Is The Definition Of Outside Hitter In Volleyball?

1. The outside hitter is a position in volleyball that plays close to the net on the left side of the court. Also known as the left hitter, it is one of the positions responsible for passing the ball to set up other players to try to spike it over the net. They also receive passes by jumping in the air and trying to hit it over the net.  

On defense, outside hitters are responsible for blocking shots at the net from the opposing team. Along with the other players on the front line, outside hitters jump at the net to block the other team’s attempt to spike the ball. 

What Are The Qualities Of An Outside Hitter? 

Outside hitters are usually among the tallest players on a volleyball team and must be athletic with good jumping ability. They must have good hand-eye coordination and be able to anticipate shots from the other team because they are responsible for digging shots. 

Example Of Outside Hitter Used In Commentary

1. Not every outside hitter wants the ball when the match is on the line, but Kelsey Robinson is one who does. 

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Volleyball

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