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What Is The Definition Of Peloton In Cycling?

1. The peloton is the main pack of riders in a road race. Cyclists spend the majority of their time riding in the peloton during a race.

What Is A Group Of Cyclists Called?

A group of cyclists is called a peloton. It is derived from French and originally meant “platoon.”

Why Do Cyclists Ride In A Peloton?

Cyclists conserve energy by riding in a group. Riders on the inside of the peloton benefit from an up to 40% reduction in drag. Teammates will take turns at the front of the peloton to advance their entire team forward efficiently. 

What Is The Back Of The Peloton Called?

The back of the peloton is called the arrière du peloton, translating literally into English as “the rear of the peloton.” 

What Are Peloton Riders Called?

Riders of all kinds spend the majority of the race in the peloton. Different types of cyclists include sprinters, climbers, and domestiques. The riders ahead of the peloton are called the tête de la course, or “head of the race.”

Example Of How Peloton Is Used In Commentary

1. During the first stage of the 2021 Tour de France, at least 26 riders were injured when a spectator with a sign caused a massive peloton crash

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Cycling

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