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Pinch Runner

pinch run*ner

What Is The Definition Of Pinch Runner In Baseball?

1. A pinch runner in baseball is a substitution of a player who is already on base. A team is substituting for the player on base specifically for their running ability. A manager may elect for a pinch runner because the player entering the game may be faster or may be more skilled as a baserunner than the player exiting.

Once a player exits the game for a pinch runner, they are done for the game and cannot re-enter. At the manager’s discretion, the player who came in as a pinch runner may stay in as a defensive replacement or be replaced with another player.

Example Of How Pinch Runner Is Used In Commentary

1. With two-outs in the top of the ninth and a runner on second, Roberts elects to put Utley in as the pinch runner at second, hoping that a shallow base hit can bring him home.

Abbreviated As:

1. PR

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

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