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What Is The Definition Of A Pocket In Football?

1. This is a term used to describe an area that is formed behind the offensive lineman during passing plays in order to protect the quarterback.

The area formed behind the lineman closely resembles a U-shape, giving the quarterback only seconds in order to find an open receiver for a pass completion. If the quarterback is unable to find an open receiver, they will either scramble outside of the pocket to gain more time or throw the ball away (if they are outside the pocket).

The “pocket” is also known as the “tackle box” because the two edges of the pocket consist of the left tackle and right tackle.

Examples Of How Pocket Is Used In Commentary

1. The blitz causes the pocket to collapse, allowing the defense to get to the quarterback for the sack.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Known As:

1. Tackle Box

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