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Point Forward

point for*ward

What Is The Definition Of Point Forward In Basketball?

1. This is a term used to describe a forward who has strong ball-handling and dribbling skills, and is skilled enough to be the primary ball handler for a team. With most teams relying on their point guard for setting up the offense and handling the ball, a point forward gives the team much more flexibility with their offense with this type of player.

A point forward can also cause match-up problems for the defense. With forwards tending to be slower and less agile on defense than guards, a point forward can at times have success driving the lane when they are handling the ball. Due to their size, they can either try to muscle their way to the hole or kick it out to the better shooting guards on the perimeter if the layup isn’t easy to achieve.

Example Of How Point Forward Is Used In Commentary

1. James has found great success as a point forward, with his ability to penetrate the lane and kicking it out to his strong perimeter shooters.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

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